Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun Themed Night

Since having Joshy, Jord and I have done a lot of things inside at home so we've had to get creative on date nights, etc. We've gotten into old episodes of The Cosby Show and that's been awesome! 

But I was wanting to do something to mix it up a bit. So we had a Country Music Awards night! The CMA's were on a Wednesday night so we made some "southern" food and watched them. It was a fun themed night and was a good variation for the middle of the week. 

We made white chicken chili (great idea, Shae) and cornbread. The white chicken chili recipe is from Our Best Bites and Jord and I both love it! So fun and tasty! And a fun date night idea if you're looking for something fun and free! Any awards night or something on tv with a theme would work. 

Love you!

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