Sunday, June 23, 2013

DC Cupcakes anyone?

Last DC post! We don't have Internet at our house yet so I'm posting while I can at my mom's house and have Internet access.

If anyone has ever heard of the TV show DC Cupcakes, it's located in Georgetown, just outside of Washington, DC, and we went there the last day of our trip. Everyone raves about DC Cupcakes, probably because it's on a TV show... but can I share a secret? When I was in Georgetown last year, the locals told us that their cupcakes are okay but there is actually another cupcake shop in Georgetown that serves "much better cupcakes." Don't tell any DC Cupcake fans... but it's true. I've tried both and can attest to it. :) They don't even look like fancy pants cupcakes. They look like normal cupcakes with cute frosting. However, it was very fun to go there and they were good cupcakes (but I can see Shae the cupcake queen creating MUCH more stellar cupcakes). I snapped some fun pics of DC cupcake shop and thought I'd share them since this is our food blog! May it inspire some good cupcake baking!

This is my personal favorite picture from the shop... a totally BLING Kitchen Aid! Um... yes please?! Super cute and yet fully functional. Maybe some of you will want to add some bling to your Kichen Aids? 

Happy baking!

Love, Kris

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  1. A bling kitchen aid?!? I don't know how I feel about that...I do love bling! I'm sure Tay would want to help me in the kitchen more if I had a bling kitchen aid.