Monday, June 17, 2013

We have been eating a lot of salads lately. I think it helps that fruit and veggies have been on sale. For our wedding we received a salad spinner (see below).
It was one of those gifts that you plaster a smile to your face and think when am I ever going to use this. It has only taken me a little over three years to use it regularly. We've found that you can get a head of lettuce for 99 cents this time of year. I simply cut up the lettuce throw it in my salad spinner with some water and spin it a few times. I have clean lettuce that will last us a week. You get a lot more lettuce than a bag of lettuce. If you put a paper towel or two in with the lettuce it keeps it fresh longer (a wonderful hint I got from pinterest).
That was a long way to say that we tried a new salad dressing recipe that we love! It only has five ingredients two of which are salt and pepper. It is a raspberry vinegarette that I found in "Worldwide Ward Cookbook: Secret Recipes."

2 Tbsp. red raspberry jam (with seeds)
2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1/3 c. walnut oil or olive oil
Fresh-ground black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
In a small bowl whisk all of the ingredients together. Pour over salad.

I didn't have red wine vinegar so I just used regular white vinegar. I also didn't add the salt or pepper. I imagine it would taste even better if you had the red wine vinegar. I used this salad dressing on a salad that had lettuce, grapes, strawberries, and left over grilled chicken. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
I'm sorry this is getting so lengthy. I have one more thing to share. I tried a new recipe for breakfast on Father's Day. Here's the link: 

The recipe is for french toast roll ups. It is a fun twist on french toast. I liked that you dip the roll ups in syrup. I don't know about anyone else kids, but Taylor will eat just about anything if she can dip it. I like to make a recipe the way it appears the first time I make it (unless I don't have all the ingredients then I improvise) and then play how would I do this differently. I think with the roll ups I would try different things in the roll like flavored cream cheese or Nutella. I would also skip the peanut butter because it made the roll slightly dry. Other than getting your fingers covered in cinnamon and sugar this was a great recipe!

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  1. Those sound fun, thanks for posting! I had to laugh, because I asked Ryan for a salad spinner for Mother's Day this year! Great tip about the head of lettuce, we have been wanting salads a lot lately too, I can't wait to try it!