Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Bedding Help!

Hi ladies!

I'm needing advice from you pro moms on what y'all would pick between these two bedding sets. Try to focus on the patterns/bedding itself and not on the price of each one. :) I'll be honest, the price of one is definitely swaying me that way, but I'm looking for your thoughts on decoration ideas with each bedding set.

Before you look at the links, here are my thoughts with the nursery: I would like to use bright colors in there. I'm not a huge pastels fan, but I realize that pastels are in both of these options I'm showing you. So with each option here is a question that I need answered: can bright colors be used with them in other decor?

Also, I LOVE the jungle animal theme! I also love using the alphabet. I saw a really cute idea on pinterest using the alphabet as a wall hanging... and part of me is thinking that could be good visual stimulation for the baby? I dunno. :) Here is the link to that Pinterest idea just for reference...

So finally, with that being said, here are the two bedding sets that I'm deciding between. With the comforter, I'll most likely use that as a wall hanging since that will be the theme of the room. I'm thinking of getting a shelf with a rod that connects underneath it and hanging the comforter on that.

Target's bedding set:

I really like that this one (is YES cheaper but also...) has brighter colors? I might be able to do more with brighter colors with this one? Yes? I'm seeing yellow and white chevron curtains... anyone else?? I don't really need the baby blanket that comes with it since we're getting several quilts and probably small blankets at showers... but I suppose it's a plus.

Burlington Coat Factory's bedding set:

The HUGE plus with this bedding set is that it combines the jungle animals WITH the alphabet and even numbers! I could use all three themes in the nursery with this bedding and it wouldn't seem awkward. It might be too much so I'd probably just stick to the animals and the alphabet but that is why I love this set so much. The colors are more pastel-ish so I'm not sure I have a lot of options to add bright colors in there? I can still do the yellow and white chevron curtains with this theme as well...

So what do y'all think? It may sound like I'm going to go decoration crazy with the nursery and I'm really not! That is why I'd like a cute bedding set to be the main theme and then I can use small things/accents around it. Which do you vote for and why? It's time to let your voice be heard! (and yes... underneath it all, price is a huge deal that is pulling me more one way than another, but I'd like to hear your feedback on all facets of this!)

Thank you!!! Love you guys!


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