Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Beautiful Mistake

Yesterday was a good friends birthday. I went to Walmart and got a cute plastic pitcher and planned on filling it with some homemade raspberry lemonade since it has been so hot the last few days. I dutifully juiced each lemon and made a simple syrup, chilled each part and then finally when all of the hard work was finished it was time to pour the delicious concoction into the cute container and tie a bow around it. I carefully poured so that I wouldn't get my counters sticky or waste one drop of the labor intensive lemonade... CRAP (in a very lady like tone of course!) it only filled up the container about half way! Plan B... I grabbed a new pitcher, made some crystal light lemonade, threw half a package of frozen raspberries in it and a splash of vanilla extract, poured it in the container and couldn't believe that I was about to give this away as a gift! Until I took a taster... It was pretty darn good, and about as easy as they come! Just thought I'd pass along my beautiful mistake to you ladies. I hope that you get a chance to make it before the weather changes!

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