Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For the past few years I have been flip flopping between a paper and a digital planner/home organization system. I love having a binder that I can throw all my calendars,lesson ideas, Jackie's school papers,etc into; but there was a big problem. I don't always have that binder with me. So I wasn't able to see our monthly menu at the grocery store, or jot down our activity for FHE when the inspiration hits me during church, or look at my to do list. And I didn't want to have 10 different apps to help me get things done.
And then I found it. An incredible digital home organization/planning app. And its free.
Let me introduce you to Cozi (unless of course you already use it :)

Here is what I LOVE about it:
1. There is a mobile app and an online version for your desktop. So I can type up what I want to at my computer and then access it whenever/wherever I want on my phone.
2. It's free. There is a Gold version- which looks pretty cool- but its 30 bucks a year and I am too cheap to subscribe to it. The free version is amazing anyway.
3. I can add recipes.
4. I can import the ingredients to those recipes to my shopping list... which is SO handy when I am at the store!
5. There are different categories of shopping lists- so you can organize your lists by stores.
6. I can create a meal plan. And then I can print that meal plan and stick it in my binder if I feel so inclined! :)
7. There is a journal section. I am so bad at remembering to journal so this makes it easy. I can add a pic to the journal entry and then share it with others if I want.
8. There is a calendar. There are different colored items for each member of the family and I can look at just my calendar items, or Aaron's, or our entire families.
9. All family members have access to the app and can edit calendars, meal plans, shopping lists (so if Aaron is at the store he could see what we need to buy without having to call me. I say "could" because I have yet to convince him to download the app. He thinks its too girly. Whatever! Its awesome!)
10. There is a pretty cool to do list section. You can add your own lists- categorize them by the different people in your family (again- imagine how cool it would be to digitally add items to Aaron's to do list!) You can also import other cool pre-made lists like Fly Lady's zone cleaning lists or What Your Child Needs to Learn in Kindergarten.

OK- there you have it! An awesome app that you might have already heard of but if not you should totally try it out!
Love you all!
Happy planning! :)

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