Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Dollar Dinner

When we we're kids we used to do what is called five dollar dinners. I remembered this last Saturday when it came time to fix dinner, I didn't want to, and we were heading to the store anyway.

Here's how it works each family member, or group gets a certain amount of money. When we were kids it was two dollars, so for our family of six dinner was only twelve dollars. On Saturday we split into two teams, because obviously Taylor isn't old enough to do this on her own. You have ten minutes to spend your money on things for dinner. The only rules are with that whatever you decide to get there has to be enough for everyone and you can't go over your dollar amount. *Warning these may not be the most nutritious dinners at your house.*

Taylor was on my team and Ty was a team of his own. I asked Taylor what she wanted for dinner in typical kid response she said, "M&Ms." Did we have M&Ms for dinner? You bet!! I had a picture of what we had for dinner, but it somehow got deleted so I'll just have to tell you. Prepare for this totally awesome dinner....Bagels with cream cheese, M&Ms, chips, string cheese, and ice cream. As I said before totally not healthy, but fun and something different where everyone is apart of the dinner planning, buying, and making process.  

In an unrelated note. What are your Halloween traditions as a family, and with the kiddos? Taylor is finally to the age where she is starting to understand what a holiday is so I want to start some fun traditions. The only tradition we have is we go trick-or-treating at Tyler and Sharon's work places. I want to maybe try these waffles for breakfast and maybe a pumpkin soup for dinner. What activities or fun things do you do?

Love ya,


  1. What a fun idea! I'm totally doing this, heaven knows I am not above treats for dinner! Having young children is like getting a 2nd childhood, all of the holidays are so magical again! We always decorate sugar cookie pumpkins, make witch houses out of graham crackers and Halloween candy and Ryan and I watch monster house (too scary for kids, but not freaky scary for a wimp like me!)

  2. Homemade root beer and doughnuts, carving a family pumpkin (the kids paint) we also do a spooky dinner where we make things like worms and dirt clods (spaghetti and meatballs) etc! Happy Halloween!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I can't wait to try some of them with Tay and Ty!