Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow

I just wanted to share my latest creation thanks to Pinterest! No loose teeth yet but I will be ready when it happens :)
There is a little heart pocket for the teeth in the back and a convenient location for the tooth fairy to leave money. 
I just love Pinterest!!


  1. Keri, this is so stinkin' cute!! Was it hard to make? I'd love to make something like it for Tay someday, but I'm so not a sewer :)

    1. Heather I'm not a sewer either and it was easy peasy! It only took a couple hours and I was hand stitching pretty slowly, so the process could definitely go faster. You totally should make one for Taylor! :)

  2. That is darling Keri! I wish I would have done something cuter that a ziplock bag under her pillow! Cute, cute, thanks for sharing!