Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Before and After

I feel like this is a bit of a cop out. I must admit that food has not been a high priority for me lately. Especially making it!! Really doing a whole lot of anything hasn't been appealing lately.

I'm going to share some before and after pics of our home. It has been keeping us busy for the last six months. I don't think we have any more projects on the horizon, but you never know :)

The railing was definitely what sold us on the house :)

I should have taken a picture when my flower pots looked better. Maybe it adds to our Halloween decor.
Another lovely railing and nothing, but dirt and mud.
Our new stairs, patio, and fire pit.
A taste of the green color and the...dirty color.
This is where most of the green was.
We have a lot more pictures of bedrooms and dirty carpet, but I figured this was a good glimpse of how we changed things. Hopefully I feel more like a food post next time or have something more creative to share.

Love ya,

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  1. It looks so good! I'm glad that you posted pictures of your house, I love seeing before and after pictures! I hope that you get feeling better soon :)